About The Author 

Simple PHP is written by Robert Plank, the brilliant young PHP coder who, through his hard work and determination, has become a PHP coder to contend with. 

Besides writing tutorials on PHP, Robert is a working practical coder who has written the codes for a number of high profile web sites including:

Lightning Track
Redirect Pro
Turbo Thanks
Code Warden
eZine Rocket

and countless others.

With Simple PHP he has done a remarkable job.  It is informative yet simple to understand and implement. His sense of humour and personality shine through in his writing making this a fun read as well as an informative reference book.

Even the technically impaired can and do gain a working knowledge of PHP coding using the examples and lessons from this ebook. 

Robert lives in San Jose, California, and enjoys the internet both as a hobby and a business medium.  He also has an informative newsletter to help you carry on learning from his experience.  You can subscribe to his newsletter at:


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